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Meet the team + how MLCO got its start!

it all began with lashes

Our Story

What started as a side hustle to get through college, evolved into this.

Entrepreneurship is ingrained in her soul, starting out her college career majoring in business and marketing and quickly realizing she needed more.

While attending full time college and esthetician school, our founder started Madison Leigh Co. as a way to connect with other hard workin' women and make their daily routine easier so they could focus more on the things that matter most to them while feeling confident in the process. 

Having a strong opinion that there is no such thing as competition, Madison Leigh started teaching other professionals her deep knowledge, technique and love for the beauty industry, which lead to forming the home team of artists at the Madison Leigh Co. boutique beauty studio in Simi Valley, CA. 

THE GOAL is very simple.
We're here to help you gain FREEDOM with your OWN BEAUTY

We make your life simple so you can focus on the things that matter the most to you. From our beauty services to our training curriculum, you will leave MLCO more confident than when you walked in. Each artist is licensed, insured and multi-certified to guarantee the most up to date knowledge and technique is being used.   


Hello, I'm Madison Leigh

Professional spoolie collector, master artist, founder, country music enthusiast and undisputed queen of biz growth.

California native with a southern soul, and I'm the friend that is an hour late when going out and goes home before midnight.

Sunday mornings are when I find most serenity: the world is calm and I have a fresh week to start fresh.

Who do I look up to? Okay, credentials? I'm an impatient licensed esthetician that hates giving facials, that found a passion for the "tedious" application of lash extensions. 4 time certified within my first year, and hold 16 certifications to date- once a bookworm, always a bookworm, duh. Forever a student, and always looking for ways to improve my skills, and to help others GROW. 


ENNEAGRAM 8 to the max
OBSESSED WITH country music
iced chai latte addict
PET PEEVE? being woken up.
Introverted extrovert 
always wearing all black
secretly great at picking locks


Human encyclopedia
mom of the FRIEND group
closet metalhead
wanna be world traveler perfectionist to the max
pickiest food eater
will never turn down mimosas
owns over 100 pairs of shoes


Cant live without chips
Loves the lake
obsessed with skincare
new dog mama
Absolutely despises cheese
josie and the pussycats- iykyk
Shops way too much
loves bullet journaling


Beach is my happy place
loves a good read
coffee addict
hates being late
skin care freak
early bird, always
organized, home edit who? 


01. Simple Spaces

02. Dolly Parton 

03. Skin of All Ages

04. Textures

05. Elevated Products

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