Learn how to build a THRIVING lash business, without sacrificing your time & freedom. In this course I break down how I built a 6 figure lash business my first year, and I'll guide you through the process step-by-step.

Scale your lash business to your first 100K

*For the most comprehensive education, pair this course with my Foundations Lash Course!

Scale to 6 figures in your first year of business using the MLCO $100K framework! No all-nighters or energy drinks required. You get to choose how many days you work per week, how much to charge, and what kind of clients you attract.

Set your business up for success so it’s legally sound! All the "boring" stuff you NEED to know - wrapped up in an easy to digest way. Trust me, this stuff can save you BIG on time and dollars down the road.

YOU control your income!



section one

Build your business around YOUR dream life. Wondering whether owning a salon or renting a booth is right for you? Interested in hiring employees? We'll cover it all!


section four

 Attract the right clientele by showing up like an expert! We'll discuss branding, marketing, and social media strategies that will grow your lash business - even if you don't have a following on social media!

Branding and marketing

sectionS two & three

Here's What You'll Learn


A business built around YOUR dream life and the luxury of expanding when and how you want.

How does this sound?

The knowledge to brand and market your business so you can attract top-tier, repeat clients.



here's exactly what You’ll walk away with….

The MLCO $100K framework - a proven plan for scaling your lash biz to 6 figures!


The CONFIDENCE to make needle moving decisions without second guessing yourself.



A balanced approach to life and work that allows you to enjoy the things most important to you while still growing a business.

How It's Broken Down...

1. Certification vs License 
2. Licensing requirements per state
3. Business structure 
4. Taxes
5. Insurance

6. Ideal client 
7. Brand recognition
-Color scheme
-Mission statement 

11. Salon ownership 
12. Adding retail & products
13. Renting out booths
14. Hiring employees 

SECTION ONE: Legalities
Set your business up for success!

SECTION two: Branding
Attract the right clientele and look like a professional!

SECTION three: Marketing
Market and grow your clientele WITHOUT a huge following

8. Social media marketing 
9. Referrals 
10. Loyalty Program 

section four: Expansion
Building your business around YOUR dream life

"Literally love Madison. She is not a gatekeeper which is so hard to find these days even from instructors!! She is full of information and lets you pick her brain and invites you to continue learning from her outside of the course! ”

Lumbini C:

I'm ready →

“I finally found the courage to pursue my dream of opening my own homewares boutique all thanks to Kate.”

Melanie chased her dream:


If you're anything like me, you need help to turn your dreams into reality. You're ready to hit the ground running, but you don't want to waste your time running in the wrong direction. You need someone to tell you what works.

Well, You're in the right place.

I've built my business from the ground up and have prioritized providing the best services possible & honing my craft.
I've gained priceless experience from...

 Completing over 8,000 lash sets and 10,000 lash appointment hours

 Obtaining 16 Master Lash Certifications

Attending continued, yearly education and conferences to learn the latest techniques, strategies, and trends

Owning a fully-booked lash salon and scaling to 6 employees

Scaling my income to multi 6-figures a year

I'm in >

“I have never felt so motivated in my life after taking any kind of course!”

"I have never felt so motivated in my life after taking any kind of course! Throughout the process of me taking this course not only was a practicing my skill set in becoming a Lash Artist but I was already planning my branding for my business!"

jessica had never felt more motivated...

A few more of my past students...

“Hell to the effing yes I would refer someone to this course!!"

"Literally love Madison. She is not a gatekeeper which is so hard to find these days even from instructors!! She is full of information and she lets you pick her brain and invites you to continue learning from her outside of the course 🥺 Huge GIRLBOSS and symbol of "girls supporting girls”. She’s a rare Pokémon if you ask me."

lumbini is a forever fan...

“I was the only one in my town charging luxury prices for extensions!”

"One thing that stood out to me about Madison was how she cares about her clients natural lash health, also something that I learned from her and never went away is to raise your prices because you are worth it. I was the only one in my town charging a luxury price for extensions back in 2018!"

Monica learned to charge her worth...

I've put together a lash kit that includes absolutely EVERYTHING you need to get started as a lash tech! Get the kit for free when you purchase the bundle at $497!
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Get the Standard Lash Kit completely free!

this week only:

“This is the beginning to the rest of your life. welcome home.”

Taking her courses is dangerous in the sense that she will convert you into a full on hustler, so be ready!! If you’re actually serious and ready to be a lash artist and businesswoman, take her course because she will make you one and more.

— lumbini C.

“Taking her course is dangerous!”

Know exactly how to market and brand your business and have the tools and skills to do it.

Find a more balanced structure for your life and work that STILL results in big-time growth.

Be able to clearly articulate what you do and who you do it for on demand so you can better reach your target audience.

Have a clear actionable plan in place for scaling your business and taking things to the next level. 

Know exactly what to post on Instagram so you can spend less time worrying about how you appear.

Be able to attract top-tier candidates to join your team and help build your biz.


By the end of this course, you will...

When will I have access to the course?

You can start taking the courses right away! The kit will take approximately one week to ship.


Do I need a cosmetology license to practice lashes?

Every state has different regulations, so please check with the State Board of Cosmetology in your state or whoever regulates beauty services if outside the USA to see if a specific license is required to apply eyelash extensions.

Will I receive a certificate when I complete the course?

The Business Blueprint does not come with a certificate. The Foundations course, however, does! To purchase both courses, buy the Bundle.

How long will I have access to the course?

You will have access to the course for the entire life of this digital product!

Do I need to purchase the kit in order to complete the course?

You will need all of the products included in the lash kit if you don't already have them to walk through the Foundations course step by step. The MLCO Lash Kit has all of the tools and products you need to get started as a lash artist - basically everything I WISH I would have had when I was starting out. If you're new to lashes, or are still searching for the best products, I highly recommend purchasing our kit! 

How will it be delivered?

The Business Blueprint course will be delivered on a weekly basis so that you can implement as you go, for a total curriculum time of 4 weeks.

What is the difference between the two courses?

The Foundations course certifies and teaches you in the MLCO method, and gives you the Foundations of how to apply classic lashes - you will walk away from the course a certified lash artist! The Business Blueprint dives into the details of HOW to grow your lash business.

What type of content can I expect?

The course is comprised of a mix of:
  • Video recordings of Madison teaching with slide decks and examples
  • Instructional tutorial videos
  • Downloads & printable worksheets

I'm Madison, your new coach & cheerleader.

I'm a licensed esthetician that hates giving facials, that found a passion for the technique and application of lash extensions. I hold 16 certifications to date (I'm an education junkie), run a multiple six-figure business and am on a mission to help help others GROW. 

more about me >

hey there!

But it wasn't always this way. 

I was in school full time, and just wanted a side-hustle that could get me through school financially. I was totally overwhelmed... I had NO idea how to get certified, where to start, or how to get enough clients to make lashes a full time career.

Then, once I got certified - my life completely changed! I finally realized that I COULD build a business I loved. A business designed by me that allows me financial freedom, the flexibility to travel, and the ability to build a career I loved - for me AND others!

email me!

Still on the Fence?

let's do this

I completely understand. Every dollar invested in your business is an important one! Please feel free to email me with ANY questions, I'd love to hear from you!