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November 21, 2021

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Did you feel perfectly fine walking out of the studio after you got your pretty set of new eyelash extensions done, only to wake up the following morning to your top eye lids swollen, red and itchy? Chances are you’re having an allergic reaction to the adhesive, in which only 1% of the population has an allergy to. If its the underneath of your eyes that are red and possibly a little bit swollen, this could be a rare reaction to the gel pads.

Allergic reactions don’t always happen right away, they can occur 3-6 times after the first exposure to the adhesive. We exclusively use Revolashion adhesive which is double purified, and does NOT contain methylacrylate, in which about 5% of the population has an allergy to. All eyelash extension adhesives on the market contain cyanoacrylate, which is the ingredient that the makes the extensions stick, and about 1-2% of the population has an allergy to. Even using a “sensitive” adhesive, or hypoallergenic adhesive, still contain cyanoacrylate, but at a lower level. Meaning if you’re allergic, no matter the amount of cyanoacrylate, you will have a reaction after each new exposure.

Seasonal allergies, viral and bacterial illnesses and also drinking red wine the night before your appointment could possibly be a cause for a reaction according to this article. [click here](https://www.healthgrades.com/right-care/allergies/what-red-wine-does-to-your-allergies)

Allergic reactions don’t tend to happen the same day of the service, they show the following day (24 hours), and usually when you wake up the next morning after an appointment. They tend to last for 72 hours, after that your symptoms should subside. These reactions are to the polymerization process that the adhesive goes through as it is curing. We use a nanomister at the end of each service to cure the adhesive and prevent fumes being released which is why you don’t feel and burning or stinging at the end of your service. Since your lash extensions are cured, you are able to get your lashes wet immediately after your service, which can help ease any discomfort if you are having a reaction.

My first recommendation is to wet, and wash your eyes and lashes. This can help to accelerate the curing process. If you are having extreme discomfort, I recommend seeing a doctor or eye doctor to see about getting a prescription for a steroid gel eye ointment. This will help to reduce swelling and ease symptoms for the 72 hours of reaction.

While your first instinct is to get the lashes removed, we recommend letting the symptoms subside FIRST. Eyelash extension removal solution is designed to breakdown and dissolve the adhesive, therefor restarting the curing process (this is the same process you could be reacting to). Your artist can “pop” off, or manually remove your extensions without the use of a removal gel or cream. While this will remove the lash extensions, adhesive residue can still be present on your natural lashes since no removal solution was used. This can help with comfort since you are now able to easily rub your eyes, but it will not completely resolve the reaction.

To summarize where to go from here, I would recommend cleaning your lashes and eyes, seeing a doctor for treatment/ steroid eye gel, and to wait out the 72 hour symptom period and wear your extensions off. Once your symptoms subside, you can get the rest of your extensions taken off so that you prevent a reaction from occurring again or worsening.

Allergic reactions are RARE, especially when using an adhesive with no methylacrylate. Unfortunately once you have a reaction, you will continue to react each new time you get a new set of lash extensions applied or when you get them filled. While you may not be a candidate for eyelash extensions, lash lifts are still an option since they do not contain any of the same ingredients as lash extension adhesives.

Reactions are no fun, and while I am definitely not a medical professional, I continue to research about allergic reactions to cyanoacrylate and stay up to date with the leading adhesive to prevent them. Talk to your doctor, share all details about your service and any background information you think could possibly be linked to your reaction.

Keep in mind this should only last 72 hours, don’t pick at your extensions, and you and your eyes will be OKAY!

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me personally if you’d like to talk further or have any other questions.

Madison Leigh


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