A love letter to the burned out lash artist


November 22, 2021

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Professional spoolie collector, master lash artist + educator , founder, country music enthusiast and undisputed queen of branding. California native with a southern soul.
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I'm Madison Leigh

Owning a business or working in the beauty industry, we all get to a point of feeling burned out. Spreading yourself too thin. Loosing sight of what matters. 

For me, quality is the absolute most important characteristic in my work and at my studio. I knew it was time for me to hire staff, when I was overworking myself, taking clients 60+ hours a week. I decided to hire staff rather than keep raising my prices because the price point I was at, I felt was reasonable but still covered my cost of the most reputable products and training. Overworking myself prevented me from putting 100% into each client. Having HELP finally made me have time to focus on the things I needed to as a business owner, but also as the best artist and esthetician I can be.

You started this for the love and freedom that comes in our industry. Take some time to reevaluate your WHY, and what exactly pushed you towards this career.

Once you’re clear on your why, decide what aspects are most important to you and what feels most true to your brand’s vision and philosophy. Forget the rest!  

If quality is most important to you, forget about trying to squeeze as many clients as you can in. If speed is most important, then stop offering the services that take you too long. When you go back to your roots and focus on your why, your business will start to evolve into what you’ve dreamed for it to be.  

Ask for help, schedule a discovery call and let’t figure out how we can get you to a place where you’re fully content with not only your business, but overall quality of life! 

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