Do you make these simple mistakes when lash mapping?


December 1, 2021

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Lash map | noun 

strategic plan of lengths, curls, thicknesses and layers of lash extension placement to ensure custom, ideal & flattering set 

Applying lashes is the basic fundamental skill that every lash tech has to master to start their career, but the art of lash mapping seems to be missing from the vast majority of work I see in my area and on social media. Creating custom sets of lash extensions for clients, and clients understanding why we’re doing what we’re applying on them, is what the artistry is all about. 

The biggest mistakes I see? 

Store bought lash maps 

Think: eye brow stencils. You may buy a pack that have a couple different shapes to choose from, but this will leave anyone looking like a quick DIY project. Too thick, too far apart from each other, too arched. Now think of the lashes you’re applying in the same way. Clients are coming to you for the artistry you provide, not for a quick one size fit all set that they can get done anyway! 

Too long of lengths on the inner corners. 

I totally think that every artist (and client) has to find their own personal style of lashes- meaning what their go to lengths or type of lashes. I won’t ever bash someone for doing lashes WRONG for the lengths they feel best to use for their own style, buttttttt inner corners is another story. Using 10mm or longer on the inner corners is a no fail way to create a set of lashes that looks unnatural in all the wrong ways. Now trust me, i’m a sucker for unnatural, so the best way I can honestly describe this is as tacky (I feel like Regina George when i say this, but it’s true). No matter what lengths you choose as your go to style, drop down to at least an 8mm or 9mm for the inner corners then transition into whatever other lengths your pretty heart desires. Watch your work uplevel immediately!

Droopy outer corners.

Okay I was told this one piece of wisdom when I first starting lashing, & I swear it’s been engraved into my brain ever since. No matter the style of lashes you’re applying, always aLwAyS ALWAYS drop the length down on the last 3mm of lashes (at least) EVEN WITH CAT EYE. When you put on top eyeliner, are you trying to drag your eye downward? No most definitely not- we apply it to lengthen and LIFT our eye. Too much length on the outer corner creates sad droopy eyes. Makes sense right? Just remember me annoyingly reminding you “no droopy eyes” during your next appointment. 

I’ve created a free download of the lash map guide that will help you create custom sets of lash extensions that will set you apart from the competition in your area. With using the Lash Map Guide along with staying away from these simple mistakes, watch your work transform to the next level of artistry. Tag me in your photos on instagram, i can’t wait to see the pretty work you create! 

Try avoiding even just one of these mistakes, and watch the improvement in your work, in photos too! Tag me on instagram, I can’t wait to see the beautiful sets you create! 

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