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September 28, 2022

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You know those amazing lash videos that you see where the lighting is perfect and the phone is perfectly stabilized? That’s all thanks to the lighting and tripod used. I swear that I have tried every single different type of tripod, light/ tripod combo, Phone attachment you name it- I guarantee I’ve tried it. Giving you a full run down & rating of each, so you don’t have to waste your time or money like I did. 🤣

1. Ring Light 5/10 – The ring is big, which you would think is nice but since we are working on such detailed lashes, The lighting isn’t even for recording and the base of the ring light is just so bulky that it takes up so so much room. 

2. Overhead Phone Stand 6/10- Was so dang excited for this overhead light phone stand, but for what I need it for this light just doesn’t work. The base has to sit on something completely flat for it actually hold up your phone and have it on the floor next to the arm doesn’t reach out far enough so that the camera is right overhead or even slightly overhead for recording lashes. i’ve tried to use a little table to set it on next to the lash bed but overall it just doesn’t work for recording actual lashes. But if you are wanting to record yourself practicing making fans or practicing on a doll head then this light is great for that. 

3. Glamcor Light 2/10 – I use my glamcor light for a week and never touched it again it was definitely the one of the most expensive lights I have purchased and I absolutely hated it. When recording using my phone the glamcor would leave really weird stripes throughout my pictures and I just did not like it at all along with it taking up a good amount of room and the lighting wasn’t that great. I did like that you can adjust both sides and both arms of the light but it still did not do what I needed it to do. I did like how you can adjust both sides and both arms of the light but it still did not do what I needed it to do. 

4. Phone attachment 7/10 – Getting a little phone attachment light is honestly an amazing option for when you are trying to take really good lash pictures or lash videos. The lighting is great since it is attached right to your phone and the only downside being that it is not hands-free you have to actually be holding your phone in order to record but if you are wanting to just be able to take really good quality pictures and have a good lighting one of these little devices are honestly great. There are cheaper options available but this one is my fav! 

 5. Lash Light 9/10 – Out of all of the lights that I have tried this one is definitely my favorite because it gives even lighting to both sides of the client you’re able to easily swing the arm back and forth so you can get it out of your way with the only downside being that the base is pretty dang bulky so it’s not super easy to move I would love this was more portables that I could move it around the different lash bed but overall this light is great I give it a 9 out of 10. 

 Are there any lights that you are in interested in that you want me to look into to give an honest review about let me know and I will make that review! also let me know if you try out any of these lights and let me know what you think. Happy lashing y’all 😘

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