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April 4, 2022

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how long does a lash lift last? 

we say lash lifts last for approximately 8-12 weeks, but why such a difference in the time frame? ⁣

Lash Lifts are a chemical keratin process done to the natural lash that keeps them curled in an upright position. over time, the natural lashes won’t necessarily “lose their curl” or  “go straight”, new just lashes grow back in and replace the curled ones. they’ll grow back to the way the natural lashes always have and eventually fill back in with their natural lesser curl.

our natural lash growth cycle is 21-90 days. what this means is, depending on how quickly your lashes grow, you’ll have a  completely new set of natural lashes within a time span of about 3 months or less. ⁣

on average, our typical client comes back in for a new lift after about 8 weeks. if a client wants to get a lift as just a one time service, they’ll notice their lashes will be 100% back to normal at about the 12 week mark. 

when booking clients in for recurring lash lifts, natural lash health is what’s most important. this is why it’s necessary to wait the proper amount of time between lifts to keep those lashes healthy and not over-process them. natural lash health is always our #1 priority!

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